SUICOKE pronounced sui-ko-ke, is a cult Japanese brand known for its wide selection of performance sandals.

Even though SUICOKE has been around since 2006, the brand revolutionised the sandal game when it came onto the mainstream fashion scene a few years back. The cool design and comfort-driven idea hit the jackpot, making everyone obsessed with the product. With its success, the brand has managed to bag collaborations with Highsnobeity, Stussy, Moncler, UGG, Neighborhood and most recently with The Elder Statesman . Having shaken the fashion world with their design they carry on to do so year after year through their never-ending boundless collaborations.

The designers/founders of the brand choose to remain anonymous as it allows individuals to focus on the brand itself and nothing else that may alter the opinion a person has of the product. The focus on the shoe itself and its Vibram sole is most likely what has made SUICOKE succeed to the level it has within the fashion industry.

SUICOKE takes pride in the materials it uses and usually keeps to its roster of 3 materials - natural leather, artificial leather and fabric - in different embodiments, i.e. leather, buckskin, velour, natural and synthetic fibre etc. The aim of having a foundation of materials is to keep it easy for buyers to look after and make the most of their SUICOKE product. To add to this, their products are all superior to its competitors due to the original Vibram footbed they introduced in 2014 making it an industry first within the sandal realm.


All of the steps that SUICOKE has taken have been to make a product which is not only cool and comfortable, but also superior to anything else out in the market. This is why we love SUICOKE and are thrilled to have them on Aspect.



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