Discover ASPECT Online’s second editorial showcasing a curated selection of lookbook images featuring archival, new season and made to order pieces. Including denim from Oxley, jewellery from The Ouze, end-of-line fabrics from Umlaut, mohair from Fiona O’Neill, butterfly earrings from Emily Frances Barrett, crinkle bags from Eleanor Butler-Jones & signature knit from Cottweiler.  


Mattie wears Ivan Clothing & The Ouze

Mattie wears Ivan Clothing & The Ouze


 Zoe wears Fiona O'Neill, Emily Frances Barrett & The Ouze



Zoe wears Fiona O'Neill, Emily Frances Barrett & The Ouze.



Mattie wears Stone Island. Christian wears Stone Island.


Christian wears Stone Island.


Christian wears Cottweiler, The Ouze & Eleanor Butler-Jones.


Christian wears Cottweiler, The Ouze & Eleanor Butler-Jones.


Zoe wears Umlaut & Eleanor Butler-Jones.


Zoe wears Umlaut, Emily Frances Barrett & Eleanor Butler-Jones. Mattie wears Ivan Clothing.


Zoe wears Fiona O'Neill, The Ouze, Ruth Leslie, Cottweiler & Eleanor Butler-Jones.


Zoe wears Fiona O'Neill, The Ouze, Ruth Leslie, Cottweiler & Eleanor Butler-Jones.


Christian wears Cottweiler & The Ouze


Christian wears Cottweiler & Second Best.


Zoe wears Basique, Worme, Umlaut & Ruth Leslie


Zoe wears Basique, Worme, Umlaut & Ruth Leslie


Mattie wears Oxley, Basique & The Ouze


Mattie wears Oxley, Basique & The Ouze


Zoe wears Umlaut, Ruth Leslie & Emily Frances Barrett.


Zoe wears Umlaut, Ruth Leslie & Emily Frances Barrett.


Mattie wears Oxley, Cottweiler & The Ouze


Mattie wears Cottweiler & The Ouze


Zoe wears Umlaut & Emily Frances Barrett.


Zoe wears Umlaut & Emily Frances Barrett.


Mattie wears Cottweiler, The Ouze, Oxley & Second Best.


Photographer: Ethan Hart (@ethanjhart_)

Photography Assistant: Jitnapa Jaroenvejjakarn (@jitnapoo666.jpeg)

Stylist: Gabriella Rowland (@gabriellarowland_)

Styling Assistant: Kennedy Clarke (@yuungflava)

Make Up Artist: Chloe Palmer (@chloenicolepalmer)

Hair: Liam Russell (

Models: Zoe (@zoeose) (Tide Casting), Mattie (@mattiecozartt) (Nevs models), Christian (@christiansaintdep) (Nevs Models)

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